It’s been another big week of changes at Whitetruffle. Here are the updates we’ve made: 

For Companies

You told us that you wanted fewer emails, and we have listened. We’ve introduced weekly email updates for companies. This weekly email will let you know how many people you have been matched with that week, how many people we searched through to find those matches for you, how many you have already responded to, and how many you still have pending. It will also let you know how your “responsiveness” score compares to other companies using Whitetruffle.

Outside of the weekly email, companies will still receive a notice every time we find a new match and when a match will be expiring in 48 hours.

For Engineers

You can now opt in to receiving a brief, no-pressure call from our Fairy Queen letting you know about new matches if you choose. Info regarding this on 48 hour notices, or send an email letting her know here. Engineers will also start receiving 48 hour notices for matches about to expire.

We have an event coming up! Whitetruffle is organizing Startup Speed Dating on August 25th. 10 of our hottest startups will be there – and you should come. More info and tickets here.

For Everybody

Emails sent to companies when an engineer is not interested in meeting now includes the reason given for the lack of interest.

And, as always, we are continually improving our matching algorithm based on your input and feedback.

If you have any other requests or suggestions on how we can improve our service – let us know!