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"As a fast growing global company, Eventbrite is hiring aggressively to outpace the large demand of our platform and service around the world. Whitetruffle has proved to be a valuable partner by helping us go beyond our networks, and consistently providing a pipeline of highly qualified candidates."
Greg Stock
Sr Manager of Tech at Eventbrite
" Whitetruffle has been instrumental in connecting us to plenty of qualified candidates quickly, which resulted in a hire that is now an integral part of our team. We continue to use Whitetruffle with confidence, and would recommend it to any founder who is looking to grow their team. "
Eric Migicovsky
Founder and CEO at Pebble
" Whitetruffle helped make hiring fun again for our engineering team. What once scared everyone away has now become a task our team gets excited about and want to help with. Our Director of Engineering and myself have made multiple hires through Whitetruffle and it continues to be our main tool for sourcing candidates. I don't see this changing anytime soon. "
Ryan Jordan
Sr Technical Recruiter at Optimizely

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