As you may have heard – Whitetruffle is now matching business professionals in addition to software engineers. Our companies are almost as excited as we are. Want to see a few of our newest business positions?

Kaon Interactive, makers of an innovative, touch-driven 3D marketing tool, is is looking for a Vice President of Sales.

beRecruited, a startup helping high school student athletes connect with scholarship opportunities, is ready for a Head of Marketing – maybe someone with a love of sports?

QuBit, a company in London working on ways to better understand consumer behavior on ecommerce sites, needs a skilled Inside Sales Manager to focus on lead generation.

InsideVault, using big data to help companies spend online advertising dollars effectively, is searching for a Marketing Analyst and a SAAS Strategic Account Executive.

sqrrlthe Seal Team 6 of Big Data, needs a Commercial Sales Account Manager who knows Hadoop.

Bixby Appsa mobile development firm providing iOS app development and project management services to large brands, small businesses and agencies worldwide, is searching for an Account Executive who isn’t afraid of cold calling.