Hi there!

As an active job seeker it is extremely important to make sure that your Whitetruffle profile provides a clear description of who you as both an employee and as an individual!

We have built the Whitetruffle Candidate Profile, to read like one part resume, one part personal site. Therefore it is equally as important to fill out the “About Me” sections as it is to complete the “Work History “ sections! Be sure to keep that in mind as you fill out your profile.

Below are a few of our Best Practices for Candidate profiles. Hopefully they will be helpful in better explaining the different parts of your profile, and make the most of it! Take a look over them and feel free to incorporate any of them into your personal profile!

  • EXAMPLES! Make sure examples of projects are posted to a public website somewhere, whether it’s a repository like Github, or a personal website. Without a work history to verify with employers, this is really important. Give a general outline of the project (purpose, programs/skills used), as well as provide a link to the finished functioning product and code.
  • If you have Intern experience, list that in Work History. Be specific. What skills did you use/learn/projects worked on.
  • Sell yourself in About sections:  Why are you a catch, versus the thousands of other graduates of this year? Why are you a great personality to work with? What is your work ethic like? But also speak about your off-work self – what do you enjoy outside of work, what things are important to you, what are you passionate about? Sell yourself as a person, not just as a set of skills.  This section also shows your ability to communicate in writing.
  • Be sure to keep your profile updated as you change positions, complete additional projects, or learn a new skillset. Keeping your information up to date is an important part of positioning yourself with interested companies.

Go ahead and get working on your profile! Whether that means you are starting at the beginning or are going back to make edits. If you would like, you are welcome to reach out to me at rachel@whitetruffle.com. I would be happy to go over your profile and make sure your profile is fully optimized.


Agent Rachel