Candidates looking for jobs often asked advice to their friends once they start talking to companies. Not publicly of course, but in private discussions. 

We wanted to make this very easy for candidates on Whitetruffle. We just launched a new feature called “Ask feedback” allowing you to send a job to your friend, and have them provide easy feedback on whether they think it’s a good fit. 


You’ll see a “Ask for feedback” link below the usual “Accept/Meet” or “Pass” buttons when you review a company. 

You then prompted to enter one of your friend email address, or send them a private message on Facebook or even copy and paste a unique URL. Your friends will see the full profile of the company and a feedback form like this: 


They can just click Yes, No or Maybe. They can also add their name and a few comments for you. All this will then appear when you review the match on your dashboard. 

All this is obviously private. At no time we post that information publicly. It’s purely between you and the friend you selected. 

We hope this feature helps you in finding your next challenge.