We’re always listening to the feedback from companies. Recently, we released several features that were directly inspired from what we’ve been hearing. 

The first one is “multiple seats”. Bigger organizations have been asking for the ability to have several people in their company use their Whitetruffle account. This is now available for our Bacon and Prosciutto customers. No more forwarding or giving away your password. You can all use the same account with your own credentials. 

The second one is really exciting and something we’ve been working on for some time (ok, in startup world, we’re talking about days ;)). You can now have access to tons of analytics aimed at making you better at hiring.

For ex, we tell you the feedback candidates left when they pass on your company. 


We also show you data about how the candidates reacted to your matches to help you understand better what’s happening on the platform. 


We show you a lot more data, like expirations, your own company activity, and aggregate data for your lifetime on Whitetruffle. 

This is exclusively for our Bacon and Prosciutto customers. If you’re an existing Whitetruffle customers and want to upgrade, or a new company and want to join, just click here.