It’s Friday, which means we’ve made updates at Whitetruffle.

The first thing you might notice is the big change we made to our welcome page: there is now a single button to sign up, whether you are a company or an engineer. There was some confusion, so we made our process easier!

With many more of you joining the site every day (we did as many matches last monday than we did in the whole month of June), we started to be worried about performance. We streamlined a lot of things behind-the-scenes which makes our site much, much faster – by about 10 times! 

Many companies wanted to add several email addresses to their account. This is now something that can be done easily: just go to your settings page and follow the instructions. 

For engineers, improvements were also made to our invitation tool. Inviting friends to join Whitetruffle is even easier. Our awesome frontend guy Christopher even prettied it up with pretty, pretty graphics that flutter and add points to your influence score. The Fairy Queen likes fluttery graphics. :o)