Full and engaging profiles =’s increased traction with potential candidates! Our historical data shows that companies with richer profiles have a much higher chance of being accepted by candidates, and we’d like to make sure we can help you source best possible talent.

Here are two examples of fully completed profiles by other companies on our platform:
Example 1
Example 2

Also, here are some Best Practice tips for what to include in your Company Page! Take a look over them, and feel free to incorporate them into your profile: 

  1. In your “About” section, you could tell folks how much you have raised, and who your investors are. The amount you’ve raised is a good amount of funds and can help bring additional reassurance to any candidate that might be applying.
  2.  Any positive press you’ve received can help a lot as well.  You can include that in your About section. The great thing about press is that it is a third party saying great things about you; not just you.  Which can be incredibly powerful.
  3. Don’t hesitate to talk about key members of your management team, and their accomplishments. Everyone wants to join a team of collaborators and like-minded thinkers.
  4. Feel free to talk about the difficult technical challenge involved in solving the problem you guys are tackling.  Nothing gets engineers excited like a good technical challenge.
  5. Also, here’s a video we’ve put together, that is a how-to on how best to formulate company profiles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKW60WKiGpA&feature=youtu.be. It should provide you with a few additional tips that will hopefully prove helpful during this process!

Best of luck, and we are here if you need anything!

Agent Rachel