Lumos Labs, the world’s largest provider of “brain games” is looking for a Data Analytics and Visualization engineer., developing individualized, aggregated feeds prioritized by how much time you have and what you’re in the mood for to combat information overload, need a Lead Architect.

Infinit, a French startup building a peer-to-peer application that facilitates file transfers between users directly through an AirDrop-like interface, needs someone intimately familiar with Mac OS X.

Mavenlink, our old neighbors at RocketSpace in SOMA, are passionate about pair programming and are looking for more Rails engineers to help them with their collaboration software.

KeyMe, an exciting deep tech startup where you can play with robotics, computer vision, and mobile development, needs an experienced Python or Ruby developer.

The Beans Groupa leading youth marketing company in London, is looking for a senior frontend engineer.

Sleepy Giant Entertainment, a company with several locations across the US helping people get their games to market, is searching for a Rails developer.

Nimble combines the best of high-end CRM, social media and collaborative tools. They need an expert pythonista.

Fetchnotes, a Twitter-like todo/productivity app created at MIT, is looking for a frontend engineer.

ChowNow, an online marketing and ordering platform for restaurants, is on the hunt for a Creative Director and senior frontend engineer.

Zoosk, the fastest growing dating service on the web, needs a Hadoop expert to help them with all their big data.