At Whitetruffle, we’re hard at work in always trying to improve the experience for both companies and candidates. Our goal is to match people who not only are a good “fit”, but also who are highly likely to want to talk to each other. 

We’ve heard from many companies that they’re getting too many matches during the course of the day, which makes the experience overwhelming. Starting this week, we’ll only send you new matches after you process the matches you already have. If you don’t process those matches, you won’t get new ones. 

Also, remember that letting a match expire impacts negatively on your responsiveness score, and the quality of candidates you’ll see! Passing or accepting a candidate is viewed a positive action by the platform and thus boosts your responsiveness score. 

We’ve also made changes to the way the flow works. The normal flow is now one delivery per 24 hours. High flow (for our bacon and prosciutto customers) gives you matches up to 3 times per day. 

All of these changes should result in a much more regular and manageable flow of candidates for each company. 

Many companies have also asked for a way to manage and control the amount of emails they’re receiving. We’re working on it and it will be out very soon!