This week, Whitetruffle is excited to feature Moovweb.

Moovweb transforms existing websites into compelling mobile experiences. Their unique cloud-based platform and SDK empowers developers to virtualize existing Web assets into a mobile site or app, which inherits 100% of the content, features and business logic of the original site. Using a front-end programming language called Tritium, developers and designers remove desktop only features, style the mobile site/app, add mobile-specific functionality and create an amazing post-PC customer experience. Moovweb has patents pending on website virtualization and transformation, two concepts they invented.

Companies Moovweb has been able to help include: Macy’s, Accenture, Under Armour, John Deere, Panasonic, Cox Communications, Chico’s, The American Cancer Society, Lending Tree, The Nature Conservancy and many more.

There’s no question that the mobile revolution is still in its infancy. It took 16 years to sell the first one billion smartphones. The next billion will take just two years. With billions of mobile pages already served to some of the highest volume brands in the world, Moovweb is at the forefront of the mobility revolution. They’re looking for people who are ready to help them build, market and sell the technologies designed for the post-PC mobile world. Are you a match?