We have something HUGE this week. Messaging. That’s right – MESSAGING!!!

Both companies and engineers have been saying that they’ve been wanting a way to talk to each other before a formal introduction. That ability is now here. You can send each other messages – questions, clarifications, whatever – while still maintaining the anonymity of the engineer until an introduction is made.

The ability to message begins once a company indicates interest in an engineer. Every time someone sends a message, the 5-day expiration for the match is reset to allow communication to continue for as long as is needed. Once the engineer decides whether or not they are interested in meeting a company, the messaging channel is closed. If the engineer is not interested, the exchange is done. If they are interested, their name and contact information has been released and messaging is no longer needed.

We’re looking forward to seeing people taking advantage of this exciting new feature! Thank you again for all of your suggestions and feedback. It’s because of you that Whitetruffle is becoming an even better platform for helping our thriving startup community!