Identifying the best talent online is not hard. Maybe this is controversial, but building a list of the top 100 software engineers, nurses, actors or most of other professions is a very easy thing to do. At Whitetruffle, we’ve actually built such an algorithm (we called it Mini-Ali, as a reference to my co-founder Ali Behnam) that automatically looks at someone’s profile, and classifies that candidate. It’s part of our matching secret sauce. But it’s a tiny, tiny part. 

You can already disregard all the services out there who try to sell you a way to identify the best candidates or the best companies. Who cares? As a candidate, or as a company, you want to see who are the best folks who are the most likely to talk to you. It’s all about intent. That’s the hard part. How do you understand if someone wants to talk to someone else? 

That’s where we spend a big part of our time on Whitetruffle. Beyond tags, beyond “fit”, we’re working really hard in figuring out the likelihood of both parties to be interested in each other. We capture tons of data that we analyze all the time to fine tune our matching for companies and candidates.