Messaging potential candidates is one of the most important parts of the Whitetruffle Process. In order to make your message stand out, I thought it would be helpful to share a few of our Best Practice tips with you! They can come in handy when learning how to effectively communicate with your future employees.

Read over our tips and then take a look over the image below! The image shows an actual message sent out to a candidate that got a very positive response!

  • One of the best ways to ensure engagement with candidates is to send messages that are concise, while also being personalized to their profile.
  • Be sure to mention something specific from their profile, to show that you have fully reviewed it! An easy way to do that is to list what is it in their experience that stands out for you!
  • A lot of candidates have the poor experience of being spammed by recruiters on other platforms, so some can be a little cautious if messages seem too vague or form-letter-like.
  • You’re welcome to ask them to send you a copy of their CV, resume or portfolio etc,. Most candidates also provide a link to their LinkedIn profile, which you can find near the bottom of the match page!
  • Be sure to respond back to candidates promptly. If too much time goes by between messages, your perfect candidate might not be available anymore!
  • It is also important to let a candidate you have previously engaged with (either via messaging, interviews etc.)  if you have chosen to go in a different direction. It can be disconcerting to some to not hear back at all.
  • Don’t be surprised or concerned if you don’t get responses back from each candidate you accept! Once you reach out to them initially, they have the option to “accept/pass” on each match as well!

I would be happy to look over one of the general messages you send, to check if there is anything that might cause a lack of response! You are welcome to email me ( the text of your messages, and I will respond with any feedback.


Agent Rachel