Right now, Whitetruffle is focused on job matching in the tech industry, but our vision is much bigger. With jobs waiting to be filled, and people looking for work – we are building what is essentially a recommendation engine to help bridge that gap.

Right before we came out of alpha last August, the Clinton’s Global Initiatives Jobs Summit in Chicago reported that there were over 3 million posted job openings available in the United States, and that they were “being filled only half as fast as they had been filled in every previous recession since World War II.” It is surprising to hear information like this when reports are still being made about high unemployment among the middle class. The chart below illustrates the month-by-month unemployment percentage:

Unemployment Percentages by Month

We’ve examined the problem from many angles, and have found that effective solutions need to be able to measure, predict, and act on two basic variables: relevancy and intent. There are currently many tools out there trying to solve this same problem. Most address only one of these variables well:

Relevancy: Services that focus on high relevancy generally serve companies well, but can do so at the expense of the job candidates. Companies have an easy time finding people with the skills they need, but those people end up having little to no control over when, how often, or whether they are contacted.

Intent: Services that can promise high intent generally require a high level of commitment from the job candidates to keep them from getting lost in all the noise. Companies can end up hearing from many people not as qualified as they need – and filtering through to find a good fit can be daunting.

Whitetruffle makes it simple for people to create an employment profile, advertise their intent, and passively allow the right matches to come to them. Companies never see people who are a poor fit for what they are looking for, and candidates don’t have to battle their way through a glut of applicants to be seen.

If those 3 million posted job openings were filled, the unemployment rate would fall by at least 3 percentage points – which would make a lot of difference to a lot of people.