“After earning a master’s degree and being fairly new in my field, I decided to move to the Bay Area for technological job prospects.  Prior to my move I was living in a comparatively small city in Alabama.  Not only did I have to learn how to navigate a very large city, I was also confronted with the task of searching for employment in the midst of thousands of competitors.

Whitetruffle was the first and ONLY job matching tool I needed.  After signing up for account I was contacted by a local company within the first 24 hours.  Within the week I was contacted by several other companies – all of which were great matches for my career goals.  I am extremely surprised, yet very happy to announce that I am newly signed-on to work with a company that has symbiotic ambitions.  Thank you Whitetruffle for the most pleasant job matching experience of my life.”

Victoria – Design Engineer, Shopply